A personal reflection in art, science and music



Beginning in 1999 and through until early 2002 I wrote words to 30 songs and then beginning on the 15 January 2001 through until mid August 2002 I wrote the music. The words were always written first usually in church on Sunday and the music followed up to a year or more later.

I have never studied music, I have no formal musical training of any kind, I cannot play piano, or read music... but I feel I am guided by the Lord to write words and music

The music for the first song came to me on the Sunday morning three days after I wrote the words. As I was reading the words, without even thinking I began singing them. So I recorded what I sang and then when I got back from church I used a kids keyboard to find the notes I sang. It took several months to write the music to Thy Will be Done and more than once I stopped what I was doing and looked up at the ceiling because I knew an unseen hand was guiding my hand as I worked

All 30 songs were written specifically for an alto/soprano however Elizabeth is an alto. I see this CD only as a beginning. These 7 songs are very raw and not yet finished, they were recorded again on September 5, 2011 along with 5 new songs during a day long recording session and for this session the tempo was increased on many of the songs. As I have listened to these new recordings I feel now to rewrite and simplify the piano backing so as to enhance the vocal.

I hope you enjoy the words and music and please feel free to email me